Meet and Greet đź’—

Bobby’s was an idea that started over wine with friends and slowly evolved throughout a wild year. Not all hairdressers are made the same, and I wanted to foil with something that I loved to look at, colors that spoke to me and inspired me, prints that are playful.

The name Bobby’s comes from my late father Bob (he would be so proud of this adventure), and from bobby pins…because we can never have enough of them, right?


  • A quick note of thanks…

    My beautiful friend Sarah from @Kinrituals who put the idea in my head.

    My favorite person Morgan who has more brains than fathomable, and her crafty hubs Chris.
    My designer Kristen from @Worthwhilepaper who put my ideas on paper perfectly.

    My @tricho_ann_arbor team who have been overwhelmingly amazing and encouraging.

    My sexy husband who let me put all of our savings into this silly/awesome idea.

    My Mom, Dad, and Sister for never giving up on me (I’m sure they all wanted to at some point).
    And honestly all my best friends who have helped me turn into the gal I am today. 

    Ok, my Oscar speech is now over đź’—